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The smallest elements can often help reveal the big picture. Although office supplies and space design are often overlooked, they can offer strong clues about how a workplace functions. Each individual item sends a message to the people who use it, whether those people are employees of the company, current clients, or even potential clients who visit the office.

Find out what your office environment is saying about your company culture.


“The team at Egyptian Workspace Partners is energetic, they’re creative problem-solvers, and they’re sincere. You can tell that they are busy with tons of projects, but they always totally focus on you when they are with you.”

Bill B., CFO   Legal Industry

Centralized Procurement


Time Management

Consolidate everything it takes to run your business, from office supplies, interior design, furniture, and other products. Spend more time working on business, and less time running errands or dealing with vendors.


Cost Management

Work with a dedicated account manager to review frequent products and develop a budget and ordering strategy that works best for your organization. Get more of the products you need, and create less waste.


Local Delivery

Taking in one delivery of office products per month from one local supplier, as opposed to many, keeps yourself and your team working efficiently and productively. Get to know the names and faces of your delivery team.


Custom Order Process

Work with our team to design an efficient procurement process that works for your specific needs. We also have a tried and true system for creating consistent purchase orders, but can also adapt to work within a specific process.

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