Not Just A Trashcan: What Your Office Reveals About Company Culture
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In the workplace,

not many people think about the objects that make up an office environment. But they can communicate more about company culture than you think. 

Often, they’re relegated to a dark corner in a closet, visited occasionally for refills  on pens, paper clips, binder clips, toner, and printer paper. Depending on the company, they’re either stashed in a totally disorganized manner, or perfectly arranged and labelled. Compared to the spreadsheets, e-mails, and accounting that are essential to helping any business run, office supplies may not seem that important at first glance.

As with most things, though, the smallest or most mundane elements can often help reveal the big picture. Although office supplies are often overlooked, they can offer strong clues about how a workplace functions. Each individual item sends a message to the people who use it, whether those people are employees of the company, current clients, or even potential clients who visit the office.   

Here’s what your office environment is saying about your company culture.  


Create a Company Culture of Innovation

The tools a team uses on a daily basis need to be flexible and effective to accommodate a variety of different workflows. Bulky, immovable desks and outdated file cabinets send a message about the flexibility and modernity of a company. As technology becomes smaller and faster, office furniture is becoming more modular, allowing for multiple configurations that can be reorganized in seconds. Deep collaboration between teams is becoming the norm, and the physical space of an office must be able to support that change.

When potential clients enter a space, seeing updated furnishings reassures them that the company is aware of current market trends and is engaged in innovation. For employees who utilize the space on a daily basis, it provides a positive aesthetic experience each time they walk through the doors. Investing in updating office furnishings can change how people perceive the company itself. Even something as simple as chairs and desks reveal a company’s priorities and relevance. Make sure that your office environment projects a company culture of innovation and awareness.   



How an office chooses to furnish its space also reveals awareness of health and wellness. Younger people entering the workforce are looking for physical flexibility as well as more traditional benefits. Sit-to-stand desks, couches, and bar seating allow for increased movement and comfort in a work environment. Physically fit and comfortable workers are happier and more productive.   


What Else is Your Office Saying About Your Company Culture?

Office environments communicate a lot about the company they represent. But even individual office supplies can send strong messages. Check out our download to learn even more secrets your office is revealing about your company culture.