Webinar: 4 Key Drivers & Disruptors Fueling Changes In The Workplace
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The State Of Work Webinar: Discover The 4 Key Factors Driving Change In The Workplace

Technology is evolving at a lightning rate, and with each upgrade, the workplace must adapt to keep up. It has come to the point where these trends and advancements can neither be ignored, nor simply implemented into the normal work routine. Businesses must change how they conduct work to remain relevant competitors in the modern work arena.

Along with our partners at Steelcase, Egyptian Workspace Partners will address these changes and analyze their four driving factors in “The State of Work: Blur the Edges” Webinar on Wednesday, 4/3/19 at 11am CT.

The State Of Work Webinar: Discover The 4 Key Factors Driving Change In The Workplace

The Webinar Sneak Peak

It is time to redefine what the office means and create workplaces that inspire and that people want to work in, by looking at these four factors: culture, employee engagement, technology, shift to creative work.

While smart devices allow working flexibility and the cloud keeps information at our fingertips, there’s a tension bubbling up within organizations. The ability to be mobile, which was once the key to a business’s success, is now being recalculated and adjusted. Technology is a double-edged blade that must be wielded strategically. One side allows businesses to reach a mass audience quickly and effectively, on the other, it eliminates the human element and makes that business a cold and in-human one. To this effect, a recent NPR report says employers are rethinking telework. They want their people to come together to collaborate, innovate, build culture and drive business forward. In fact, organizations such as IBM, Bank of America and Aetna have asked some of their mobile workers to return to the office, according to the Wall Street Journal. This shows that this change affects all industries; from technology, to finance, to healthcare, and no one business or industry is exempt. Most organizations recognize that innovation and ingenuity stem from teamwork, collaboration energizes people, and that human beings, not sleek apps and screens, are the true force behind success. A 2017 Gallup report revealed the most engaged employees spend 60 to 80 percent of their time working away from the office. However, people at work report a lack of collaboration spaces to help them be creative, frequent noise disruptions while working and an inability to effectively communicate creative ideas to coworkers. People are leaving the office because they don’t have the right places to get work done, which is why in this webinar we aim to unravel the needs of the people, the business, and the factors driving these changes and come to a solution that fits the needs of all.