Top 5 Reasons For Businesses In St Louis To Buy & Use Local Services
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1. Benefits Of Procuring Office Supplies Locally

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Office supply dealers like Egyptian, have the ability to offer local businesses in the St. Louis and Belleville areas price cuts on over 100,000 inventory items that big name corporations simply cannot compete with. This includes:

  • Save up to 60% Annually on Office Supplies!
  • Over 100+ Items On Monthly Rock Bottom Pricing
  • Save 90% On Office Printing Needs With Managed Print Services
  • Exclusive Discounts on Copy Paper with Minimum

2. Office Design & Furniture Services No Big Corp Can Match

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Skip the high prices of interior design teams that neither specialize in office décor & furniture, nor understand the trends shaping the way people work. Local experts who have these capabilities not only make your office look wonderful, but provide the following services:

3. Restroom & Janitorial Programs Only Available To Local Businesses

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An often overlooked, but vital room in any office or facility, the restroom is last on the list for big box companies, but never forgotten by local procurement partners. Local businesses want to keep their fellow community members safe and healthy, which is why they strive to cut out germs and the cost of doing so.

4. Breakroom Programs & Services Made Easy

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Keeping employees happy and energized throughout the day is easier when a local procurement partner delivers the goods faster, fresher, and cheaper than a big box corporation.

5. Contest & Deal Eligibility Is A Local Privilege

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Local procurement partners don’t just supplies office goods. They run contents where people and businesses local to their area, like St. Louis, can win extraordinary prizes, like box seat tickets at professional sports games! Companies in the community who follow them on social media and email also get insider access to iron-hot deals, promotions, coupons and more that no one else has access to.

It’s never too late to miss out on a chance to win big or save big with Egyptian. Start following us on social today!

The Local BONUS


Government, philanthropic, and other local organizations like SIBA reap the benefit of having local companies cater to their specific needs and purposes. Big name companies lack the understanding of or even acknowledge the existence of these community servants, let alone provide services tailored specifically to them.

Discover how Egyptian caters to SIBA & its members.

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