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Little Egypt, Illinois, USA

Our region of Southern Illinois has been known as “Little Egypt” for hundreds of years. The nickname has a couple origin stories: one referencing the historic grain trade between southern and northern Illinois, and another, the intersecting rivers of the region. At Egyptian, we just know that Belleville, IL is our home. We are proud of this location that allows us to provide the best service in business products and interiors to the entire St. Louis region and beyond.

  • 1880


    Egyptian Workspace Partners is Originally Founded in Belleville

    Well over 100 years ago, what is now Egyptian Workspace Partners was founded as Winkler & Schirmer at 28 West Main Street in Belleville, IL. To this day we still reside in and serve the beautiful Southern Illinois community.

  • 1929


    The Early Days of the Egyptian Name Come as the Company is Acquired by a Southern Illinois Family

    Almost 50 years after the founding of W+S, the Weingarten Family acquired the company and renamed it to Egyptian Stationery.

  • 1965


    Welcome to the Baltz Family, the Same Family that Has Grown the Company since 1965

    The current family ownership, the Baltz Family, purchased the company and updated the name to Egyptian Stationers, Inc. The Baltz family still retains leadership positions and is actively involved in the organization.

  • 1969


    Egyptian Stationers Moves over to Main Street as the Dust Settles on a New Courthouse

    The new St. Clair County Courthouse is built, and Egyptian Stationers relocates to 107 West Main Street to make way for construction.

  • 1975


    Growing the Egyptian Name with the Acquisition of the Experienced Business, Siddle's Stationery

    Egyptian Stationers grows their team and client-base by completing the acquisition of the local Belleville company, Siddles Stationery.

  • 1983


    Egyptian Gets a New Look with a Remodel Based on Efficiency and Performance

    Our downtown Belleville retail store and storefront gets a fresh remodel at 107 West Main Street.

  • 1994


    The Egyptian Name Continues to Grow with the Acquisition of Ribbons & Rolls

    Egyptian Stationers, Inc. continues to grow in the Little Egypt region with the acquisition of Ribbons & Rolls out of Collinsville, IL.

  • 2011


    Bringing Together the Products & Interiors Segments Under the Same Roof

    The 10 West Main Street retail store closes and merges operations into the Egyptian Business furniture brand at 129 West Main Street, still our home to this day.

  • 2015


    Heartland Heroics: National Recognition by Office Line Magazine for Industry Growth

    Egyptian Stationers, Inc. & Finance Director Brett Baltz recognized in Office Line Magazine for finding growth in the competitive procurement and interiors marketplace.

  • 2017


    The Company Renames to Egyptian Workspace Partners as the Market Continues to Evolve

    Egyptian Stationers, Inc. rebrands to Egyptian Workspace Partners to better reflect our consultative approach with clients, as well as our holistic approach to products & interiors.


Egyptian Workspace Partners is one source for all business products & interiors, serving the St. Louis region & beyond.

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