The Pursuit Of Office Happiness: Space Planning Makes A Difference
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The Pursuit Of Office Happiness

At Egyptian Workspace Partners, we have always held that as the place where most adults spend the lion’s share of their days, an office should be a place an employee wants to go to each day. Our interior design services have always been about the benefits the people who are in the office each day will experience, and we are so happy to have hard evidence backing up our long-held philosophy.

Recently, Staples conducted a study about how an office design affects the morale and overall happiness of those who work in it. In a survey of over 2,000 people, the follow results were found:

  • 81% believe that an office space affects mental health
  • 20% think they work in a depressing office
  • 68% would feel better and valued if the company they work for invested in their workspace
  • 31% are downright ashamed of their workspace


The fact is that the people who responded so negatively about their offices likely do not work in an environment where there is color, quality lighting, and an overall aesthetic that appeals to the company culture. Such new designs in workspaces are more than just office trends—they are proven to have positive psychological impacts on the people who go to work each day. The workplace that adjusts to the needs of the modern worker is the one that will have the happiest employees, the highest productivity, and the best bottom line.

Take a look around your office. What do you see? Is the layout as pleasing as it is functional? As for your employees, are they smiling and/or diligently working without Facebook open in a separate tab? If you answered “no” to either of those questions, then it is time to give your office a facelift. A business can sell toys to make kids smile, but if the corporate office is dull and lifeless, the company culture is a dreary one and it will show in your employees’ work ethic and happiness. According to Manchester Business School Professor Sir Cary Cooper, “both the physical environment and company culture contribute to employee happiness.” Therefore, the first step in updating your office to a more pleasant work environment is to understand you own company’s true culture—not the one you think it has, but the one that is presented and embedded in every object placed in the office.

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