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A student chair has more to balance than its four legs on the floor.

It also has to meet needs as practical as providing a stable, appropriate place for the student to sit, as abstract as supporting a curriculum, and as subjective as creating a harmonious environment.  Clearly, no single line of seating is perfect for all, so we offer them a wide range of styles to choose from. To help them identify and select the best seating for their needs, we’ve created the Graduated Movement Concept.

More than a parking place for students

The Graduated Movement Concept is based on the insight that seating is not a passive participant in the classroom, but an active one, one that can help the learning process. If it serves the curriculum to have the student focus her or his attention to the front, our Intuit Chair with its cradling bucket design that allows minimal movement is well suited to your needs. If the curriculum calls for the student to interact with others to the front, both sides and rear and to have freedom of movement in the chair, our Flavors Seating is designed to fill the bill. What about something in between?  Our Plato Seating allows the student to comfortably face front and both sides, while allowing a moderate degree of movement plus pronounced lumbar support.

Further flexibility, further fine tuning

Our seating lines also provide a range of aesthetic choices, with a dizzying array of colors available. Choose the welcoming curves of our Intuit Chair, the familiar silhouette of our Flavors Seating, the harmonious lines of our Plato Seating. Or consider the generous proportions of our UXL Seating.


Conceived to contain movement and direct attention straight ahead. It works like a bucket seat, providing back and shoulder support, while orienting the student toward the front.


Allows more movement, so students can face front and both sides. This Euro-spec chair provides a wide seat pan, flex, and pronounced lumbar support to encourage good posture and breathing.


Offers maximum movement and four seating positions. Its seat back flexes front to back and torsionally, allowing students to shift and move without chair resistance.

Flavors Noodle

This four-position seating line provides the benefits of a stability ball, but with more overall stability and back support, and less student misuse.


The unique base design incorporates a structural disc which when flipped 180 degrees provides the student with the ability to wiggle. Or, if the student or teacher chooses, sit flat. Model oodle comes with three sections and one rocker base.


Known for its generous proportions, this line is customizable to fit almost every situation in an educational environment. It’s so broad, you can maintain a consistent design scheme throughout the building.