Roll Vs Folded Towels: Facility Maintenance & Janitorial Supplies
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Why is it when you go to dry your hands in a bathroom are there always so many different options? Automatic roll towel dispensers, c-fold towels and multi-fold towels are just a few of the options you normally see. Why is there not just one standard option? Over the course of the years we have had this conversation with many of our customers and we have always come to the same conclusion — roll towels are the most hygienic way to dry your hands while offering the most cost savings possible for our customers!

Why roll towels? Roll towels offer a variety of different ways to help reduce your paper consumption. High-capacity roll towels offer 5 times more hand dries per refill than folded towels. To maximize capacity, many roll towel dispensers offer a stub roll feature that accommodates a partial roll in addition to a full size roll. The added capacity of roll towels helps to eliminate washroom run out and service interruptions.

Now let’s talk about the SAVINGS! Controlled roll systems offer pre-determined lengths to control the amount of toweling used which results in less waste. The average 16.5” per roll towel equals approximately 4 folded towels or 30” of paper per use. That does not include the extra towels you pull out of the dispenser that end up not used and still in the trash. Higher capacity and metered roll towels result in less maintenance visits as well which reduces waste and helps to save money.

Saving money with roll towels is very important but so is improved hygiene in the office. Touch-free and hands free roll towel dispensers ensure no commonly used dispenser surfaces are touched, reducing the chance of cross contamination. Roll towel systems protect the towels in an enclosed dispenser protecting from exposure to the restroom environment. Unlike folded towels, roll systems eliminate the need to place extra towels on unsanitary countertops.

After looking at all the advantages of roll towels vs folded towels we have now settled the debate. Installing roll towel dispensers is the most hygienic way to dry your hands and also offers the most savings possible.