How To Solve Noise & Distraction Problems In Offices With Open Layouts
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Have An Open Space Office Layout? Here’s How To Solve That Noise Problem!

If you are a forward thinking business you know that the interior office design trend sweeping workplaces is the open concept layout. The theory that giving cubicles the axe would increase employee communication has proven correct: a well thought out space plan increases worker engagement. But by now, you’ve also realized that it comes at a price: it’s noisy and full of distractions.

Business owners like you now have a riddle to solve: How do you maintain the collaboration of an open office, while minimizing the noise so staff members can focus?

You really can have the best of both worlds with the right interior design! Depending on the layout of your workplace, you may have a spare room you can transform into a “quiet space.” If not, there are compact and highly effective ways of soundproofing an open space…

1. SnapCab Pod: The Phone Booth Solution For A Noisy Office

These are quiet office solutions that stand-alone in your workplace like an old-school payphone. Best of all, certain models can accommodate more than one person. This means that interviews and team meetings are completely private.

2. OrangeBox Air3: Private Rooms In The Middle Of An Open Layout

OrangeBox creates acoustic privacy while effortlessly adding internal rooms to your open office open space. Available in nine (9) variants, there is an Air3 compatible for your office—no matter what size! This is the sound-control, problem-solving solution you and your teams have been looking for.

An OrangeBox Air3 in white with green paneling is used as a small meeting room with a mounted monitor & whiteboard capabilities.

Source: Orangebox

3. Aspect: The Private Versatile Sofa System For Focus & Comfort In A Busy Office

Just not enough room in your open concept workspace for fancy glass rooms? Aspect transforms normal office sofas into places of personal work and quiet collaboration. With its curving, high-backed design, they absorb sound and create semi-private space for your employees. Whether you choose, a simple sofa design or a booth-like system that can even house digital screens, there is a one-of-a-kind Aspect for your office.

A blue Aspect with table & monitor stands in the middle of an open concept workplace.

Source: Orangebox

4. The Hidden Trick: Acoustic Panels Mutes Office Noise In A Visual Way

Acoustic & sound masking panels by Making Privacy Simple add a colorful flair to your office interior design while keeping noise to a minimal. Guests and potential new hires will just think that you have a cool company culture.

Taupe felt panels with circular cut outs behind an office sofa act as room dividers.

Source: Instagram @betteracoustics

Go Totally Invisible: Steelcase QtPro Sound Masking Technology

Steelcase QtPro works by emits a masking signal that keeps sound consistent throughout the area. The discreet office technology is built into the architecture of your workspace. Available in several models, you can have this futuristic sound masking solution no matter what size your office is.

A Steelcase QtPro shown as installed feature in an office ceiling.

Whether you already have an open office or you are looking to transform your workplace into this trending (and successful) layout, noise control will be an issue you need to address. Your business is too valuable to suffer from something as controllable as sound level. Egyptian’s interior office design & installation team will help you to choose the best solution and design for your space. You’re team deserves the best space to collaborate without distraction. We can help you make it possible.

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