Hope Is In Your Hands: Real & Accurate CPR Help With AED Plus®
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CPR is not just a life-saving skill to be used on drowned victims. It is vitally important for any victim suffering from cardiac arrest for any reason. While the theory of CPR practice is straightforward enough the effectiveness of the procedure will vary from situation to situation, rescuer to rescuer, and victim to victim. The beauty of the ZOLL® AED Plus® is that it empowers rescuers to accurately perform CPR to achieve an outcome of life. In fact, a study conducted proved that those who used the AED Plus® to aid in their CPR administration had double the amount of survivors than those who conducted the procedure without.

This is because the AED Plus® monitors all vitals, gives real-time feedback, gives clear prompts and will even give a life-saving shock to the victim’s body if need be. Do not fall into the myth that all victims of cardiac arrest need a shock. (Let’s face it— traditional CPR would never have been so widely used for hundreds of years if that were the case.) “Only half of all sudden cardiac arrest victims will need a shock, while 100% will need high-quality CPR.” The technology used provides clear instructions, both showing and telling a rescuer how to administer CPR better, thus increasing the chances of an individual’s survival.

Incorporating the AED Plus® into your office or facility safety supplies and practice is not only cost effective, but it can save a life at even the most unexpected time—and THAT is priceless.

Watch this quick step-by-step tutorial to see just how easily the AED is used.

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Knowing CPR Saves Lives

An unfortunate truth is that some victims are not given CPR because others either do not know this life-saving skill or fail to use it because of their insecurity in their ability to do so. Please know that there is no legal ramification for any attempt to perform CPR, even if it unfortunately ends unsuccessfully. Having even the most basic understanding may help to save a life.

Watch this short video to learn the basics of CPR

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