Egyptian Workspace Partners Workplace Safety Supplies & Procurement
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From yellow vests, safety glasses to ice melt, to life saving equipment such as automated external defibrillators (AED’s) we know that each organization has different equipment demands and our extensive offering of these safety specific products is sure to fit your needs.

The Challenge

When purchasing supplies, most organizations separate their safety needs from other office supplies. While this might work for the largest organizations, we believe operational efficiency is the key to success. Many safety resellers utilize outdated processes in conjunction with lesser-designed websites to fulfill customers’ needs, often with delayed or unreliable delivery. At Egyptian we are redefining safety needs, taking what used to exist as a “back room” ordering process only to the ranks of front house necessity. We work hard to evaluate all options to understand you specific needs and tailor your purchases to them, making them easier and more cost-effective.

How We Do It

Collaborating with your team, we will help you design and implement a safety strategy to fit your exact needs. We will roll this procurement process into the rest of your workplace supply needs to ensure efficient time management across your entire organization. Safety products can seem overwhelming and confusing- do we need eye safety in an IT business? Is this brand credible? To ensure that you make confident and educated decisions, we engage directly with manufacturers to lean on their extensive product knowledge. With our help, you won’t overspend or sacrifice safety for dollars.


Utilizing the same great “white glove” delivery, “wrap and label” packaging, and our state-of-the-art website, we can ensure an efficient ordering process and delivery into the exact delivery point at your workplace. Your dedicated customer success representative is trained specifically for your account. No more having to explain and re-explain to a different person each time there is a question or an issue. As a local reseller, you will have our undivided attention supporting your operation, allowing you to focus on pressing business matters.


Our focus on process efficiency and product knowledge sets the tone of our partnership from day one. We are positioned to meet your custom demands, while also having the nimbleness of handling the everyday safety concerns of all customers.

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