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Paper is essential to communication. Whether you are printing customer presentations or internal communications, we have the right copy paper to meet your needs – color copy paper, laser or inkjet paper, multipurpose paper and copy paper.

The Challenge

Most decisions about paper revolve around price, but that’s not always a good strategy. Cheap foreign copy paper sacrifices quality in consistency, jams printers/copies, and ends up costing you more money than you realize. Copy paper cartons weigh over 50 pounds, which can make them a challenge to move around the office and re-load printers/copiers. Copy paper typically makes up about 25% of an office supply budget. Buying copy paper in bulk does offer some pricing savings but many customers are then faced with a new set of challenges: do they have a climate controlled warehouse and can they move copy paper internally?

How We Do It

We refuse to sell foreign copy paper that only works to jam machines. All the copy paper we spec is going to be domestically sourced and work the first time. We focus our efforts on helping customers use less copy paper, matching up the correct quality with the correct application. We look at what you are printing and how that printed piece is being used. Are you using both sides of the paper? Maybe you should…

You don’t always need the brightest sheet for internal memos and emails but you might want a heavier sheet for presentations and marketing materials. Every day, black-and-white printing might be better suited to a white box plain label that offers some price savings. Or if you are doing mass printing you might want to stick to Boise X-9 which is designed specifically for that. Marketing materials will have the biggest impact on POLARIS. It all comes down to the right paper for the right application.


Our next-day, white-glove delivery will be much appreciated when we place your copy paper exactly where you need it. No longer will you have to move it form the receiving area to the closet. The paper will come with all of your other business supplies reducing overall deliveries and invoices. Our just-in-time delivery results in fewer inventories for you to manage and reduces the advantages of buying bulk even further.


We make buying copy paper easy and cost effective. Our prices are consistent and they don’t jump around like they do at the big box stores. Don’t lift these 50 pound boxes again. Let us do the work for you.

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