Tork Dispenser Program For Facility Maintenance & Restroom Solutions
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Tork Dispenser Program

Dirty Truths & Sanitary Restroom Solutions

Ask anyone what the dirtiest place in their office building or facility is, and “restroom” will always be the top answer. The scary part is that most people don’t even realize just how dirty a bathroom is despite the best janitorial efforts. Even a seemingly spotless bathroom is disturbingly filthy on the microscopic level. Science has determined the best methods and tools to use to minimize germs and other microscopic dirty matter to keep a restroom a far more sanitary place for the people who use it. Egyptian has taken these findings very seriously and has implemented a dispenser program in lieu of it.


Types Of TORK Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispensers

Why Paper Dispensers are Better Than Electric Dryers: From toilet seats to the air you breathe, bad bacteria is everywhere in restrooms. Studies show that electric air dryers not only stir up foul matter, but can actually deposit and stick such bacteria onto your hands. Although electric dryers are more tree-friendly, they are not the most sanitary option when compared to paper hand towel dispensers. Experts at Egyptian work with you to develop a plan that makes these dispensers both sanitary and more cost effective.



Soap Dispensers

Why Buying Bulk Is Bad. Very Bad: Soap seems like one of those products that is more convenient and cost effective to buy bulk. The dirty truth is that the germs found in bulk refillable dispensers are dangerous to human health, known to cause infections and even death in certain cases. In response, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Health Canada, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have all issued guidelines against simply topping off soap with bulk in dispensers. Imagine filling up a dirty mug with old coffee and repeating this process. It’s the same with bulk soap, except that instead of drinking the harmful bacteria you are applying it directly to your skin.

Egyptian promotes dispensers using sealed soap practice that keep germs out and to keep both restrooms and hands clean.






Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Common Sense: Toilet tissue is the closest thing to the porcelain culprit where the most bathroom filth originates. Having a dispenser in this vital location is key to keep germs from transferring from hands to the paper, thus infecting the next person using the toilet tissue, as well as keeping the sanitary paper less susceptible to the pathogens floating in the air.








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