Enviro Dispensing Solution for Simple & Effective Facility Maintenance
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Enviro Dispensing Solution

for Simple & Effective Facility Cleaning


Enviro Dispensing Solution

Here at Egyptian, we believe that all things should be done effectively and without sacrificing simplicity. Cleaning and maintaining an entire facility can seem like a cumbersome, ogre of a job, but this absolutely does not have to be the case if you have the right tools. We are proud to present the Enviro Dispensing Solution to meet all of your facility cleaning needs.

Using the Enviro Dispensing Solution cleaning program, 95% of an entire facility can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in one go. The use of multiple settings and the choice of cleaners & disinfectants allows for the system to produce different dilutions for any cleaning situation. This is a key feature in the dispensers’ design, as various surfaces require different chemical strengths. Typically, there are three settings: light duty for glass and similar surfaces, medium duty for the best consistency to spray and wipe, and heavy duty for the most potent chemical dilution that is necessary for cleaning spaces like restrooms. The true convenience of the Enviro dispensers is that all of these duty levels can be achieved with only one dispenser, making the system compact and convenient. Furthermore, the system has been engineered for accurate dilution, so that the amounts of cleaner & disinfectant are far more controlled as compared to the typical method of pouring the product free hand.

The experts at Envrio have also designed the dispensing system for maximum safety, so users can do their job without fear of chemical injuries. “No touch caps” allow the disinfectants to be used and changed, without the chemical ever coming into contact with the skin. The products are also color-coded, so chemicals can never be confused with each other and/or accidentally mixed. The hose, cleaner, and disinfectant come in a compact, lockable cabinet to ensure that only the designated professionals have access to the chemicals and the risk chemical spills by falling out of the cabinet is non-existent.

Enviro Dispensing Solutions is a facility-cleaning game changer. Compact, safe, effective, and above all else, it is simple to use.

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