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From trash bags and cleaning chemicals to toilet paper and paper towels, we have all the janitorial and facility supplies you need to keep your office spotless and sanitary.

The Challenge

Basic janitorial supplies are available from all the major warehouse clubs, big-box retailers, e-tailers, and convenience stores. At first, it can sound beneficial to run to your local club store to pick up janitorial and facility supplies. However, any savings can be eliminated by the time you factor in workers compensation exposure and employee time to name a few forgotten-about costs.

Many companies choose residential brands and don’t understand they are opening themselves up to theft and waste when choosing the wrong brands of janitorial items. Commercial grade items don’t sacrifice overall quality and are specifically designed for work environments.

When it comes to janitorial supplies, organizations need to focus on delivering a clean, sanitary environment. Spending the extra money on products that work and reduce contamination produce cost savings in the long term through reduction of sick days and
increased work productivity. Not to mention that no one wants to use prison grade quality toilet paper.

How We Do It

In order to do our job, we need to understand who and how users are interacting with your facility. Manufacturing facilities will require a different set of standard compared to a retail banking facility. What type of workplace culture do you have and how can we reflect that culture in your facility? Taking care of that facility and restocking it correctly offers an easy to way build on your culture and set the tone to match what is important to your organization.

We then build goals together with your team members to reduce usage and cost. For instance, simply changing the dilution rate of your chemicals purchase has saved current customers over 90% on their cost compared to an old ineffective purchasing standard. Our goal is to maximize your facility and janitorial supply spending by stretching it further with the correct products.

We match up the products that are going to get the job done and meet the level of quality expected in your unique facility.


Our partnerships with select manufacturers such as SCA, Kimberly Clark, Gojo, Clorox and Tork give us the resources to implement our strategy.

• Next day delivery reduces the inventory management aspect of the procurement of janitorial supplies; we will deliver these products exactly where you want them within your facility so your employees don’t have to take time out of their schedules to move them.

• Once you have your facility program established, our account management will help continue to improve your processes and maintain cost reduction now and in the future.

• Free dispenser programs provide customers a cost-effective solution to begin reducing usage. Learn more about our Tork Dispenser Program

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