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Printing is an integral component of office communication. Our extensive offering of printer essentials from OEM, re-manufactured, and compatible cartridges from manufacturers such as HP, Brother, Kyocera, Samsung, and others bring a comprehensive offering to keep your office printers running smoothly so you never run out of ink and toner.

The Challenge

It can be confusing to understand which toner to buy for your office. Many brands fit into your printer or copier at much different price points. Organizations don’t have time to analyze and test to make sure that type of cartridge meets their quality specifications. It is nearly impossible to do an apples to apples comparison of cartridges across the category with variations in quality, guarantee, and price. Many companies pick the product based on price and that is not always the best approach. All it takes is one bad cartridge to ruin a machine or shut down your printing for days until the machine can be serviced. Some online stores are even selling fake, mislabeled, or stolen cartridges as OEM. You might think you know what you are buying but then when something does happen you realize you got duped. Any cost savings from picking the cheapest one is easily lost from one bad experience.

How We Do It

We begin by understanding how you are using each of your machines. Are you using toner or ink? Do you need color? How many pages are you printing out of the machine? The first step is to make sure the machine fits your needs. A lot of times upgrading machines can reduce your toner and ink expense. By understanding your goals, we make suggestions for different types and brands of cartridges to meet your individual needs. Many organizations don’t want the risk of using remanufactured or compatible cartridges while others are willing to roll the dice. But not all re-manufactured or compatible cartridges are created equal and you get what you pay for. We take the good, better, best approach to the category and have can match you up with the exact type of cartridge that fits you.


Most toner and ink is available next day and comes with the rest of your order. No more having to place one order from a vendor for ink and toner and one order for a different category. The one-stop-shop approach will save you time and money. Many of our cartridges we specify to include a warranty that if anything would happen to your machine, the manufacturer would replace your machine or repair the machine free of charge. Can’t find the cartridge number on the internet? Our live-chat customer service gets you access right to the customer service department without ever having to pick up the phone.


We are here to help your organization understand which brand and type of cartridges you should be buying. We will you navigate which road to go down for cost savings and which road not to go down for cost savings. As a local reseller, you have our attention to supporting your business so you can focus on what is important rather than on ink and toner.