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Having a fully stocked breakroom leads to engaged and energized employees. It sends a message that says we know you are at work and we want to help take care of you while you are here. It can also lead to better time management and a more productive office. Conclusion? A stocked breakroom is the foundation of any great corporate culture.

The Challenge

Can you afford to not have engaged employees? A very simple breakroom strategy is the first step in the right direction to building an engaged company culture. Offering drinks, snacks, and fresh coffee is a gesture that won’t go unnoticed because well taken care of employees return the favor, sending production rates soaring.

Once you have decided to implement a breakroom program, many employers turn to a coffee service because they get a free coffee brewer. Coffee services are great in that you sign up and forget about it.
However, coffee services tend to overstock unneeded supplies because the order often stays the same despite a change in employee consumption. Also, high-quality brewers require little service, making the coffee “service” part often misleading information. That being said, many coffee services also have outdated websites and antiquated delivery schedules.

Other organizations try to manage it on their own by sending employees to retail stores to pick up supplies. When employees spend time running to the convenience or grocery store to get a round of coffee and snacks, that is time spent not getting things done at the office. Not only do you lose that person while they are out-of-the-office but it now creates a hole in the office that someone else must cover for.

How We Do It

We start by looking at your current breakroom strategy, and then lay out a set of goals, accomplished by match up the right products to the right situation. For instance, K-Cups are the right fit for smaller offices where the variety of coffee flavors is high importance. Frac packs dramatically reduce the cost of a cup of coffee and keep the consistency an office coffee program requires. We do this across the whole category and make suggestions based on usage and goals.

We take a big picture approach and bundle the breakroom supplies into all of your other supplies so you don’t need a separate vendor just for this one category. Vendor reduction saves time so you can focus on more important things other than keeping coffee stocked.


Our one-stop-shop approach bundles your breakroom supplies with your office essentials. Our next day delivery means you don’t need to keep a huge inventory on hand, and our robust website offers easy and quick on-demand ordering. You are not stuck to our delivery route timing. If you need breakroom supplies, we will get them to you the next day.

Our free coffee brewer program can help ease the cost of getting your breakroom strategy started by eliminating the up-front cost. We can install and maintain the brewer for the life of the breakroom agreement.


You can piggyback on the existing structure we have defined for the rest of your business supplies. Make it easy on yourself and consolidate your breakroom purchases into the rest of your business supplies to save time and money.

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