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We help our partners save time and money through procurement efficiencies and through building a plan fit to specific goals. Having a procurement partner ensures that you are sticking to budgets, using your team's time efficiently, and provides peace of mind. We want our partners to focus on what they do best; building successful businesses, organizations, and institutions.


Your Facility, Working Efficiently For You

Most companies concentrate their cost saving efforts on shopping for a lower price on office supplies. However, the actual money spent on supplies is less than half their total cost to your organization. Industry studies indicate that the steps associated with processing an order account for 60% of the total cost of procuring office supplies as shown in the diagrams below. The Supply Chain Digest™ conducted a survey of procurement experts on ‘what is the total cost to process a purchase order’ and received answers in a range of $35 to $500. Most experts agree on average it costs between $100 to $150 execute a purchase order regardless of whether it is for a $500,000 machine or $30 worth of office supplies.

We can help you save time and money through ordering efficiencies while also having some of the most aggressive B2B product pricing in the midwest. We are experts on how to save money across these categories and why not use our help to improve your bottom line.

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