Monitor Arms & Business Worktools By Egyptian Workspace Partners
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Creating human-centered workplaces goes beyond simply providing desks and chairs. We offer a full spectrum of product solutions- organizational worktools, computer support tools, and task lighting- to transform any office into a complete ecosystem that promotes wellbeing and productivity

The Challenge

Over 37% of workers feel like they were not doing their best because of discomfort on the job. We believe the key component to fueling productive workers are solutions that allow the user to personalize their space and address their physical well-being. Your worktools should bring together space and technology supporting both individuals and teams so your organization can continue to perform at the highest standards.

How We Do It

Our solutions offer a wide range of options that provide convenient storage, technology management, and organization. Task lighting can easily adjust to provide optimal lighting in nearly every environment, reducing eyestrain and improving worker comfort. Computer support tools – flat panel monitor arms, technology management, laptop shelves, and keyboard platforms – bring technology to the worker, maximize space and adapt to posture changes. Monitor arms adjust, improving productivity while supporting multiple postures as people move throughout the day. Slatwall makes the most of vertical space allowing workers to personalize their environment, while also providing efficient organization. When spaces accommodate both social and work needs, people feel more engaged and connected to their organization.


From design to installation to maintenance, we are your partner from very beginning. In the event that something should go wrong with a purchased item, we are there to quickly respond and make it right. Even as technology changes, it is our goal to keep all clients educated on market trends so your organization can continue to evolve with its customers while maintaining its productivity.


The proof is in the details. Our wide selection of worktools give workspaces the final boost to really connect people with work to maximize efficiency. We are here to help sort through the details to make sure your organization’s goals align with the correct worktools.