Without proper organization, workers waste time sifting through cluttered spaces and searching for items they need in order to complete tasks. With easy access to tools and personal storage, they can fully utilize their workspace, making the most of valuable time.

The Challenge

Each office environment is uniquely ranging from open-plan settings to private offices and it is challenging to bring a consistent aesthetic with attractive and effective solutions across the entire workplace. The types of products employees are putting in storage is changing and a good mix of lockable and not-lockable storage products are needed for an efficient workplace. While file cabinets continue to decline in demand due to paperless environments, the demand for high-density storage supporting both mobile and resident workflows continue to grow. Employees are showing up at work today with laptop bags, tablets, and smartphones and an organized worker needs a good strategy to manage access to all while still keeping them available for mobile access.

How We Do It

During the design phase, we make a concentrated effort to understand how your workplace will be used and by the type of worker. Each individual workspace will be designed for the exact type of worker whether resident or mobile that calls that space home. Workers that don’t bring laptops to the office every day might not need a bag storage area while your salespeople who are always on the move might need more adaptable spaces. We work with you to design and layout the exact type of office that will work for you today and into the future.


We are committed to maintaining and fixing your storage solutions. Even the best products fail from time to time and how your partner reacts when that happens is what sets us apart. Our in-house technicians are only an email away from getting scheduled to view your broken furniture. We know storage solutions are an investment and we work with you to protect and maintain those dollars.


When you buy your storage solutions from us, we are your partner on day one and day 10 years from now. It is our goal to make sure you are thinking of all options and features that your talented employees continue to demand.