Work Ergonomic & Healthy: Steelcase Sit-Stand Workstation & Furniture
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Work Health Enhanced

Steelcase Active Lift Riser Sit Stand Workstation

Deskwork is the common 9 to 5 of modern society, but even though this is how most people bring home the bacon, it actually has negative effects on the body. In addition to enhancing the likelihood of obesity, heart disease, and even cancer, sitting for too many hours each day has other detrimental effects on the body including musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and drastically increases the chances of death from any cause. Steelcase® is determined to fight these terrible outcomes that are all too common and champion wellbeing at work. Egyptian is proud to introduce the Steelcase® solution that gets employees standing without stepping away from their desk:

Steelcase® Active Lift Riser

Easily placed on any desk or work-surface, you can honor your body by standing and sitting whenever you need it throughout the workday. Such a balance is key to living a healthy life, which is why this two-tier design has been made with the highest grade of engineering, ensuring the success of your health. Easy to operate, the high-class engineering design of the Active Lift Riser is designed to be compact and simple utilizing a stable one-touch lift-and-lock mechanism, and is compatible for an array of technologies (i.e. laptops, monitors, keyboards, smartphones, etc…) Made using sustainable methods and materials, the Steelcase® Active Lift Riser is also designed to be mindful of coworkers in the office, raising and lowering silently and fluidly.

Take back your health and feel the benefits today!

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