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Did you know that you spend 9 years of your life sitting in the office? On average, that’s 75,000 hours over your lifetime. The seated position is not a natural position for the human body, and prolonged sitting can lead to pain, discomfort, and has been proven to lead to musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs). The chair you sit in each day can have life-altering affects on your health. It comes down to this simple truth: life is too short to sit in a bad chair.

The Challenge

Companies typically purchase the same uniform chair for all of their employees. However, each person has a different body type, and this affects their seating differently. As work becomes more and more collaborative, we need to think about seating in all areas like meeting rooms, individual work areas, in-between spaces, as well as how our posture changes depending on the technology we are using. Someone texting on a phone will be more hunched over than someone typing on a desktop keyboard. Sitting correctly in your chair regardless of circumstance is what we like to call “intelligent comfort.” How smartly are you sitting?

How We Do It

We begin by understanding the types of areas you need seating for, the budget, and what you are trying to accomplish with your new seating. Many different manufacturers offer products at different spots on the budget spectrum each with varying degrees of functionality, options, and finishes. Most of these seating options we have in our showroom and we can lend to you so multiple employees can “test drive” the seating options. All of the seating across the different applications can match in color and style to drive a consistent environment whether it’s in the lobby, the boardroom, the breakroom, or your personal cubicle. We want you to pick the right seating for the right application with an investment perspective because seating is not something you have to replace every three years.


Even the best chairs fail and break. Many manufacturers have warranty programs on their seating, and it’s simply an email away for us to get you on the schedule to repair and maintain the seating. When you buy Steelcase seating we are your partner for the life of that product— we can help repair anything from the wheels, arms, back, and pneumatics.


We are going to help you understand your options across all budget targets and then help you make a selection based on your goals. We will make the process easy and pain-free whether you are looking for a stock-available-tomorrow chair or you need hundreds of chairs for an office remodel. The cost of doing it wrong is just too high. We are your partner for the product’s lifetime from day one.

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