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Your office environment should take advantage of technology that can be built directly into your workspace. Desks and tables with integrated power, data, and video conferencing keep your space organized and wire free. Our RoomWizard solution can help plan out usage of meeting rooms in real time. Sound masking technology built right into the ceiling can help with distractions and actually soothe workers.

The Challenge

The role of technology in the workplace continues to evolve, and your space should accommodate that. Most of the solutions in this area have been around for decades, but integrating them into your space in an effective and efficient way is a recent transition. Sure, you could have power and HDMI cords running along tables to drive meetings, but the process becomes confusing and often results in having IT getting involved.

How We Do It

We incorporate these challenges into our design plan from the start, making them as essential as desks and chairs. Cubicle sizes have been shrinking with each passing year, meaning more people are now fitting into the same amount of space. This often leads to shared, collaborative space. Sound masking reduces distractions and improves speech privacy. RoomWizards give each collaborative space a gateway to reserve that space. 40% of workers waste up to 30 minutes each day searching for space to collaborate. Once in the collaborative space, tables with integrated technology can make the sharing of ideas easy, quick, and efficient without having IT involved.


Our consultative design approach helps spec the correct items to ensure your workplace is maximized for efficiency. We will install and maintain the integrated technology that you choose for your space.


We will help you think big picture when it comes to the ecosystem of your workplace. Price is an important factor, but sometimes some simple enhancements to your space can dramatically reduce other expenses helping your bottom line.