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From traditional cubicles to low panel open-air benching systems, we have the exact systems furniture to meet your unique needs. Height adjustable desks to conference tables to lunchroom tables scrape the surface of our product offering. Our partnership with Steelcase and over 100 manufacturers brings valuable research and insights so you can make the right decision the first time.

The Challenge

Each organization faces a different set of challenges when remodeling or building a new workplace environment. We understand the workplace is changing and organizations need to think about today’s needs but also should be thinking of the future when they choose a furniture partner. Employee interactions with technology are constantly adapting and your office furniture should support that. Office environments are a living, breathing ecosystem and fitting the right design elements can shape that ecosystem to support your unique goals. The challenge is to not think of it has desks and tables but to truly think of office furniture as a way to support your employees, culture, and organization. Figuring out where to start and how to start the process is the most challenging part, and we are here to help.

How We Do It

We study and understand how the workplace is changing. We understand the need for organizations to attract and retain top talent and how the office environment can help or impede those goals. We begin by utilizing employee surveys and discussions with management to layout the different typologies of an office from the meeting, resident, nomadic, social, and resources zones. This process typically begins when architects and engineers are designing the space and it’s our belief the best spaces are designed from the inside-out. Furniture considerations should dictate how a space is laid out rather than a building dictating how the space is laid out.

Once the zones are laid out, we begin discussing different desking systems. Do you want high or low panels? How much privacy should each person have? Do you want specific colors to influence employees’ mood? How will technology play a role in your space? Should the sunlight be reserved for everyone or for only a certain set of employees? We then make recommendations based on the goals of the organization for which product lines best fit their needs so they can save time from navigating the often-confusing world of furniture systems. We have a passion for helping people at work and helping them unlock their full potential.


Our in-house designers assemble 3-D drawings of your space and you can edit and influence the design process in real time. We bring together all the people involved in the project to make sure electrical and data ports end up in the right spots. Our project managers don’t let any detail go overlooked. Once the project is ordered and ready for delivery we have installers that put the furniture together. Nothing lasts forever and even the best products get damaged and that’s why we will service and repair all the furniture we sell for the life of the product. We make it easy to get replacement parts and fix things that break. We also have a record of the inventory you purchased so it makes very easy if you prefer to re-configure the furniture years down the road.


We will make it easy for you to design and implement your new workspace. We have products across all budgets that can get the job done and we will help you think big picture because the cost of doing your new space wrong is too high.