The Added Benefits of Sit-Stand Workstations & Desks
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Benefits of Sit-Stand Workstations

Steelcase® Active-Lift Riser

Researchers and physicians cannot stress enough the dangers of sitting at a desk (or anywhere for that matter) for long periods of time and the importance of standing, and for good reason, too. Human beings walk on two legs for a very simple reason: we are designed to stand. While it may feel more relaxing and comfortable, sitting works against our body: compressing the bones, straining the muscles, and blocking blood circulation. Formidable outcomes such as MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), low-blood pressure leading to clotting and heart disease, and painful necks and backs are only the beginning. Sitting drastically increases the likelihood of death regardless of cause, and most Americans flirt with disaster by sitting at a desk the majority of their days. Sit-stand workstations are the best ergonomic solution to get standing at work without missing a beat. Besides enormously decreasing the often irreversible ailments caused by sitting, sit-stand workstations have other boons that not only improve the health of those using them, but better work-productivity as well.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

On average, standing burns 30% more calories per hour than if the same work was conducted sedentary. This means that standing for an afternoon burns an average of 170 calories more than if the same person spent that time sitting at a desk. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine, standing can benefit weight-loss goals and help keep a person in a healthy weight range.

Prevent Metabolic Syndrome

Similar to keeping a person’s weight at a healthy level, standing also reduces the likelihood of contracting metabolic syndrome. Including weight gain and obesity, metabolic syndrome is an umbrella for several conditions that increase the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke in an individual. Metabolic syndrome is the name for the cluster of conditions that increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, including weight gain and obesity. Standing combats these risks because it activates both the muscular and cellular systems to moderate insulin levels, which become sluggish when the body is sitting for expansive amounts of time.

Reduce Back & Neck Pain

When seated all day at a desk, the vertebrae become compressed and the spine falls into an unnatural curve. What feels comfortable while seated is actually causing damage to the back and neck due to improper alignment. Standing brings the body back into its natural, proper position, which relives the stress and pressure applied to the musculoskeletal system while sitting. The result is less, if not altogether eliminated back and neck pain.

Improve Mood

When your body stands and moves, blood circulation is improved, carrying more oxygen to the brain. When this happens the brain releases chemicals to positively alter mood. Those who employ sit-stand desks see improved mood and energy levels, which positively benefit, their own work as well as help to keep up the overall morale in the office.

Decrease Risk of Death

As mentioned before, sitting increases the chances of dying from any cause because the body has not been properly taken care of and the bodily systems are out of alignment and/or damaged. By standing, the body is performing as it was designed, reducing or eliminating the negative effects of sitting. Thus, the dangers increasing the likelihood of death are also lessened.

At Egyptian, we want everyone to work happy and healthy. Our favorite workstation is the Steelcase® Active-Lift Riser. Its unique design makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of standing the while at work, while being made with and of sustainable methods.

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