8 Reasons To Join The Belleville Chamber: Networking, Education & More
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8 Reasons To Join The Belleville Chamber

Egyptian Workspace Partners believes in being involved in its local community, that getting to know its people and local traditions is a worthy pursuit whether you’ve lived in Belleville all your life or just moved to the area. Egyptian’s Director of Business, Brett Baltz, has taken his company’s philosophy to heart, becoming a board member on the Belleville Chamber. From being a role model to the new generation of leadership to attending the city’s golf events, Brett and all other members of the Chamber have found a distinguished sense of pride in their community involvement. They encourage others to do the same by joining the Belleville Chamber themselves. That being said, the pride members earn goes hand in hand with the rewards they reap…

1. Community

When you work towards building and bettering the Belleville community, you learn about the people you share this city with, building appreciation for your home and earning more smiles from familiar faces when you walk down the street. Becoming a member of the Chamber means that you become an influential piece in making the town better, not only for you and your family, but for your friends and neighbors as well.

2. Networking

Joining the Belleville Chamber is perhaps the best way for hungry new professionals to be seen and gain rapport with business owners. Our Chamber boasts membership of more than 550 businesses, meaning that networking happens naturally and effectively. Being in such an environment, membership automatically singles a person out as a team-player, forward-thinking, generous, and motivated, all of which are traits prized by business owners. With networking events such as Business After Hours and the Otto Golf Classic, membership today can be a person’s new career or partnership tomorrow.

3. Committees

Belleville can seem like a large place with so many moving parts, but Chamber committees make everything smaller and manageable. Talented individuals bring their skills and interests to niche committees, such as the Education Committee to improve our children’s schools, Belleville Main Street Committee to advance downtown businesses, or even the Belle-Scott Committee for those looking to improve relations with our heroes at the local air force base. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and work together towards a common goal of Belleville betterment.

4. Leadership

Whether you are a tried and true veteran of team leading, or looking to improve your skills, joining the Belleville Chamber is the best way to polish and learn this valuable trait. Leadership Belleville is a unique training program that not only trains an individual to be a positive force in the Belleville community and its businesses. The training will equip a person with the life-long tools necessary to understand issues affecting business, but also provide opportunities for on-going business development, growth and expansion within the Belleville area.

5. Professional Development

Learning is life-long, and in today’s ever-evolving world of technology, it’s essential to stay up to date on how it affects business trends. From Issues & Eggs Breakfast to Lunch & Lean Seminars, there are opportunities both quarterly and monthly to improve your marketing, business skills, and so much more. For just a couple of hours each month or quarter, members gain valuable information they otherwise would have had to pay costly for with an educational institute.

6. Marketing & Advertising

Members enjoy complementary marketing & advertising for their businesses through the Belleville Chamber’s resources. Along with a weekly email update which can be used to promote any events a member’s business might be having, each member receives a free listing in the online business directory on the Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce’s website. Need a new hire or want to promote a company event? Promote it for free in The Chamber Connection!

7. Awards & Events

There’s a lot happening in the city of Belleville, and the one of many members’ favorite things about joining the Chamber is the fun they have celebrating local achievements. From annual awards and silent auctions to veteran dinners and holiday fun, there is always something happening in this town, and the members are the first to enjoy it! Check out this year’s calendar to see what we exciting events we have coming up!

8. Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring an event is not only a great way to help the community, but it also helps to promote your company and its mission. There are several events throughout the year that are available for sponsorship by members, and for each event hosted, the visibility of a member’s business is increased immensely! Not only do members get to attend an event or party, but their careers benefit from it as well.

At the end of the day, being a member on the chamber is ultimately about people and the town your serve. Watch this quick video to meet some of your neighbors in Belleville and see what the town means to them:

Ready to join the Belleville Chamber? Contact the Membership and Event Manager, Peggy Schifferdecker at (618) 233-2015 or shoot over an email!