Benefits Of Ergonomic Office Chairs With The Best Buck For Your Body
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Whether it’s the home or corporate office, the age-old question of office chairs lives on. Do I buy the $100 or $1000 chair? This is nearly a daily dilemma that we help customers through, here at Egyptian. Most people base their decision solely on the financial aspect. This method provides instant gratification of purchasing the chair without hurting the budget, but what is not considered, is the value and long term investment of the product.

Before going into the feature benefits of the more expensive chairs, lets review the long term financial benefits of the $1000 chairs compared to the $100 chairs. The average cheap import chairs range from $50-$300, while the leading ergonomic chairs on the market range from $550-$1000. The $100 chair might last you 3 years if you’re lucky and wont’ come with a warranty. The more expensive chairs can last 20+ years, and come with a limited lifetime warranty (applies to Steelcase chairs). With that math, you’d be buying 6-8 import chairs throughout the lifetime of a single high end chair.

Now let’s assess how your body will feel that price difference. The low-cost import chairs are made with few, if any, adjustment features that allow change for your body type. They come “one size fits all” so to speak. The low-cost materials help the price, but don’t make the level of comfort too appealing. Sitting in these chairs makes you wonder if any thoughtfulness went into the design at all. Slide your behind, and decimal space over just a bit, and I promise you will feel all the benefits of the higher end chair. The thoughtful design of these chairs is based on considerable amounts of research and insights, to achieve the finest ergonomic products. These chairs are designed with a wide variety of body types in mind and respond intuitively to whoever sits in them. It’s almost as if higher end chairs are now being built with a brain. The controls are simple and easy to use, which allow you to adjust to whatever position is most comfortable and ergonomically suited for you. In addition to the upgraded comfort level, these chairs also have the benefits of long term well-being, Green certifications, durability from higher end materials, and manufacturers that stand behind their products.

So when it comes time to buy your next office chair, stop and think . . . . do I want the instant financial gratification of a less expensive chair, or do I want to invest in value? As the Egyptian team likes to says, “you get what you pay for”. Here at Egyptian, we want to see our customers get the most out of the product that they purchase. When it is time to buy a new chair, please visit our dedicated and passionate sales + design team; they will be happy to help you find the most appropriate chair for you.