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  • Creating Efficient Spaces & Workflow

    For Corporate Environments

    Effective and efficient workplaces can help reduce stress, increase engagement, save time, and save money. The way we work is changing, and thinking big-picture is how big change happens for your organization.

  • Human-Centered Spaces

    For Healthcare Organizations

    Today’s healthcare journey needs to be human centered. Organizations that embrace this reality in their spaces, strategies, and decisions are positioned to deliver greater value in a differentiated way.

  • Strategic Spaces that Add Value

    For Government Facilities

    You’re being asked to do more with less. Reduce your real estate, reduce your staff, reduce your spending. The only way to accomplish that is by working smarter.

  • Effective Learning Spaces

    For Educational Institutions

    Educational organizations need to adapt to better meet the demands of today’s students through innovative approaches. Everything is changing including technology, the economy, and the places we work.

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Company Culture Ebook: It's Not Just a
Trash Can.

Find out what your office is revealing about your company culture in this ebook.

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From Boardroom to Breakroom


In corporate boardrooms around the world, CEOs are recognizing that employee engagement is a serious, bottom-line issue and we believe your "place" or business plays an important role in that engagement level.

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We help you save time and money through ordering efficiencies while also having some of the most aggressive B2B product pricing in the Midwest. We are experts on how to save money across these categories. Our expert procurement team helps you improve the bottom line.

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