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  • Collaborative Classrooms Today

    Make Leaders of Tomorrow

    Student engagement and inspired learning comes easily when they use furniture to facilitate collaboration. When students learn with and from each other, the stage is set for them to ask the questions and pursue the answers that will solve problems of both today and the future.

  • Free Tork Restroom Dispensers!

    Eliminate The Germs. Eliminate The Cost.

    Restrooms are DIRTY, but hands don’t have to be. Our Tork Dispenser Program helps to keep your facility’s restroom sanitary and all hands clean. If your business is in the Greater St. Louis Area, you could be eligible for free dispensers & installation!

  • Glass Walls: The #1 Feature of a Modern Office

    Easy Installation Possible In Any Office For Any Industry

    Like science fiction made reality, glass walls bring in natural light, while modern advances allow both audible and digital screen privacy. Passers by can watch any meeting but never see nor hear the sensitive information being discussed.

  • Stop Wasting Time. Stop Wasting Money

    12 Procurement Tips Only The Experts Can Give

    You shouldn’t waste your time scrambling around for office supplies and needs. A few minutes reading our quick 12 tips can save hours in the long run.

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Company Culture Ebook: It's Not Just a
Trash Can.

Find out what your office is revealing about your company culture in this ebook.

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From Boardroom to Breakroom


In corporate boardrooms around the world, CEOs are recognizing that employee engagement is a serious, bottom-line issue and we believe your "place" or business plays an important role in that engagement level.

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We help you save time and money through ordering efficiencies while also having some of the most aggressive B2B product pricing in the Midwest. We are experts on how to save money across these categories. Our expert procurement team helps you improve the bottom line.

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